iDEAL group Chair John Grumitt shares his own experiences from the past fortnight.

Good afternoon all. And what a glorious one it is too; well, at least, the sun is shining brightly.

I’m sorry I’ve not been saying much of late, but the old lurgy has been working hard on my body. The story in brief goes like this:

About 10 days ago I started feeling very tired (in bed at 10), and achy. Which I largely ignored. I still cycled and suchlike.

But last Wednesday: WHAM! Overwhelming symptom hit. Then, the dry cough appeared, which was very scary. Thankfully it has passed.

In over thirty years I’ve only been sick once, ending up with diabetic ketoacidosis. It was a grim experience and acted like a strong incentive for me to keep my blood glucose under control (going high feels grim) and avoid taking up resources.

My goal was very simple: avoid the need for admission. So my dosage was around 1.5 times normal. The greatest feeling: waking up to find it close to normal. 1-0 to Grum.

Family and friends have been superb, although the former were very worried. It wasn’t helped by the generic guidance that all people living with diabetes are at high risk of COVID-19, something I take issue with.

Now I think it’s just more rest and avoidance of rushing back too soon and risk second wave deterioration. Keep warm, drink lots, eat well, and try to keep sane.

Fingers crossed, the family will allow me back into the kitchen soon and I can repay the kindness they have shown me.

I can’t wait!

For people living with diabetes, telephone or video support from healthcare professionals can pay huge dividends. Our antenna are tuned in, more than ever perhaps making us able to act on messages. For me, I think the biggest success is waking up in the morning with my blood glucose bang on, or very close. That’s the key message. Something we can control (with support), quick feedback, better outcomes.
That’s my view, anyway. N = 1!!!!

Keep up the great work folks.

When we’re through this there is a real potential for us to live in a kinder society. Let’s hope we take that opportunity.