Podcast: Diabetes Wellness & Research Foundation interview DEAL’s John Grumitt and Professor Anne Phillips

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Published February 2020: ACT NOW! Diabetes and Foot Care Assessment and Referral


Professor Michael Edmonds, Professor Anne Phillips, John Grumitt, Charles Odiase, Dr Patrick Holmes, Helen Halloum, Anita Beckwith, Dr Yvonne Doherty.

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Published October 2019: iDEAL group position statement

Invigorating Diabetes Health Professional Education to meet Service and Individualised Needs


Professor Anne Phillips, Anita Beckwith, Dr Yvonne Doherty, John Grumitt, Helen Halloum,
Dr Patrick Holmes and Charles Odiase

This position paper emphasizes the need for constant evidence-based educational opportunities to be available and accessible, via a variety of means, to ensure health care practitioners (HCPs) can maintain currency and deliver evidence- based diabetes care wherever they practice. Enabling partnership approaches to deliver individualised care while working with people with diabetes (PwD). This echoes a key aim of the White Paper published by iDEAL on World Diabetes Day 2018 (Grumitt et al, 2018).

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White Paper: Tackling the biggest challenges in diabetes care – together

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There are clear and unacceptable variations in the quality and processes of diabetes care delivered on a local and regional level across the UK. Deficiencies in four key areas must be addressed to improve outcomes:

  • Lack of relevant key performance indicators
  • Accountability and benchmarking
  • Value and quality in blood glucose monitoring
  • Education and the digital age

The iDEAL Group’s new White Paper, Current Challenges in Diabetes Care and How to Address Them, systematically evaluates these issues.

It introduces recommendations for how improvements in biomedical and psychological outcomes can be achieved, alongside cost savings and reduced burden to the NHS, people with diabetes, and public health more broadly.

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