ACTNOW Updates

“ACT NOW” is endorsed by

(Primary Care Diabetes Society) and (College of Podiatry) 

(JDRF), (Diabetes Network) and (Welsh footcare network)

To halve the number of major amputations
in people living with diabetes, “ACTNOW”


Michael Edmonds, Anne Phillips, Patrick Holmes, Charles Odiase,
Jayne Robbie, John Grumitt, Helen Halloum

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ACT NOW in diabetes and foot
assessments: an essential service

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Foot Assessment 

In this 11.30 minute film clip the vascular and neuropathic foot assessment in diabetes care is demonstrated by Jayne Robbie, Senior Specialist Podiatrist at Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital, Birmingham and Senior Lecturer in Diabetes Care at Birmingham City University

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ACT NOW! Diabetes and Foot Care Assessment and Referral

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Professor Michael Edmonds, Professor Anne Phillips, John Grumitt, Charles Odiase, Dr Patrick Holmes, Helen Halloum, Anita Beckwith, Dr Yvonne Doherty.

People with Diabetes to learn about the importance of foot care when living with Diabetes

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iDEALDiabetes ACTNOW Campaign

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ACT NOW Assessment Tool

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Please access the Webinar from DPC about ACT NOW with Professor Mike Edmonds, Dr Patrick Holmes, Charles Odiase from iDEAL Diabetes supported by Graham Bowen, Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist from Solent NHS Trust and Fatima Cassim Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist from Imperial College, London.

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