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We are delighted you want to know more about how to get the most from consultations when meeting with people living with diabetes. We hope this page provides you with all the information you need.

Here is a introductory video to the resources in this web page 

In this video by Jane Diggle, Diabetes Specialist Practice Nurse, presents how to conduct a individualised person centred consultation conversation with people with Diabetes and highlights what is important for Health Care Professionals to consider in promoting LET’S TALK NOW

This animation which can be viewed below offers you the opportunity to promote LET’S TALK NOW and encourage its use with every person with diabetes

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This feature length video, promotes and enables self management for everyone with Diabetes and highlights the importance of effective consultation conversation approaches

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These position papers offer a 360° point of view of the important elements and impacts of consultation conversations in Diabetes Care

 IDEAL HCP Consultation Position Paper 

How to maximise the impact of diabetes consultations:
A guide for Healthcare Professionals


Charles Odiase, Professor Anne Phillips, Dr Patrick Holmes, Anita Beckwith,
Jane Diggle, Jayne Robbie, John Grumitt, Kate Walker

How to maximise the impact of diabetes consultations: The perspective of people living with diabetes


Professor Anne Phillips, Charles Odiase, Jane Diggle, John Grumitt, Patrick Holmes,
Anita Beckwith, Jayne Robbie, Kate Walker (2021)

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This is a useful resource to download and offer to people with Diabetes to help them prepare for their consultation conversations

Sources of information and education
for people with diabetes to support
remote consulting

How to find the ideal words in consultations

How to find the ideal words in consultations



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